Wander and Wonder

A daily dose of inspiration on the mobility world

I have spent my entire career in mobility. Seeing it shift and change while staying seemingly stable and locked in place. Unearthing the resistance and pointing out the long term effects are the spice in my day. And I love to share!

Professionally and during my private life I have always loved staying up to date. The internet age is built for me, without it I would have to spend my entire day in the village pub.

And if there is one world where change is coming in great waves it is the mobility world. From carsharing and electric bikes to the entire automotive industry going through a forced diet of digitalization and electrification. There are no dull moments.

I’m convinced this is only the start. From conquering the third dimension to autonomous vehicles (and a combination of both) we will live in a world of wonder for the foreseeable future.

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