About Me

Hi there, my name is Pieter Goossens. My biggest professional inspiration is the transformation of the mobility and energy worlds. Two worlds that are central to the human existence and are going through massive change right now.

Having the ability and freedom to move around is essential to the human experience. That’s what I want to contribute to in a very small way. Giving advice, helping move the chains, inspiring, creating order in the chaos, unearthing the long term trends or just getting down to the business of the day. To summarize, be a partner on the road.

My work for Wanderwinx is my energizing side gig. During the day I absolutely rock as International Business Development Manager for Athlon. The operational lease company from Mercedes-Benz in Europe.

So you can ask me anything! Except advice on the best fleet management provider or premium car manufacturer. I won’t be objective and you shouldn’t expect me to:-)